Functions & Roles

The Embassy of the Republic Maldives in the United Arab Emirates is established to promote the Maldives’ interests in the UAE and work towards consolidating and strengthening the existing long-standing brotherly relations between the two countries. The Embassy also strives to work towards establishing and promoting people to people contact between the Maldives and the UAE.

Our main functions and roles include:

  • Apart from further strengthening bilateral relations between the Governments, the Embassy is also to establish and cultivate close relations with other key UAE organizations, to work towards achieving sustainable benefits to the Maldives, socially and economically.
  • To provide consular assistance for Maldivians visiting and residing in the United Arab Emirates. Among the consular services provided by the Embassy include assistance in renewing passport, National Identity Card, issuing Temporary Travel Document and witness Power of Attorney documents.
  • Assisting Maldivian nationals and Government officials in obtaining visas to other foreign countries via Diplomatic Missions or Visa Facilitation Service Centres in UAE, when necessary.
  • Provide assistance in attestation, births, deaths and marriage registration of Maldivian nationals.
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